Roundabout jQuery plugin

New version 2.1 has been released. With a plethora of triggered events and new methods to manipulate the looks of the chosen shapes to boot! Also, to give us all a taste of deliciously packed goodness, Fred implemented drag & drop functionality by including the event.drag & event.drop jQuery plugins developed by ThreeDubMedia.

This plugin rocks so hard! Not only is it creative, but it is also very well documented, he keeps up with his project gracefully, offers support and maintains a very well kept amount of demo pages showcasing what his plugin can do.

So, I give it up for Fred LeBlanc, may your code continues to be this awesome for the rest of your coding days my fellow colleague. Kudos on your plugin for jQuery, it is witty and awesome, I loved it and I am sure many other developers worldwide also enjoy the amazingly creative use of animations and jQuery goodness.

Wicked traffic jam…

So… Huge sea of cars… Big bad highway closure due to homicide investigation… All alternative routes covered in unending oceans of cars… Chaos ensues… Ppl driving on both lanes of a marginal road, ppl driving on the sides of the road…

Its crazy how desperate ppl get in a little traffic jam…

This, however, gave me a chance to pull out my trusty ‘ol blackberry to write this short note in between stops… So I gotta thank technology for the chance to tell the world how stuff stirs up in here…

Someone decided to kill today, it happened in the middle of the highway, car-to-car shooting.

Someone decided to kill today, it happened in the middle of the highway, car-to-car shooting.

The fate of 9 giant solar farms in Cali

By Cleantech -
It was about a year ago when the California Energy Commission approved nine solar farms all within a few months in order to make sure those projects could qualify for a federal program that subsidizes 30 percent of their costs. so, where are they now?

We know one of them just received the final regulatory hurdle yesterday despite its high cost. The California Public Utilities Commission approved a power sales contract between Abengoa Solar and Pacific Gas & Electric because it didn’t want to stand in the way of a project that already had gotten all other state and federal permits and a $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee.

A lot has changed for many other projects in just one year, and it underscores the difficulties of developing large-scale solar farms. All nine projects proposed to use the sun’s heat to produce steam or hydrogen gas to run equipment that produce electricity. The technology is commonly called solar thermal and is different from the use solar panels (photovoltaic technology).

Project Developer Power Generation Status
Ivanpah Solar BrightSource Energy 392 MW Under construction. BrightSource secured a $1.6 billion fed loan guarantee.
Calico Solar K Road Power 663.5 MW Under commission view again. K Road, the new owner, wants to use solar panels for bulk of the project.
Blythe Solar Solar Millennium/SolarHybrid 1000 MW Solar Millennium is in the process of selling Blythe to HybridSolar, which will use solar panels instead.
Palen Solar Solar Millennium/SolarHybrid 500 MW Same story as above.
Imperial Valley Solar AES Solar Power 709 MW Energy Commission revoked permit at AES’s request. AES wants to use solar panels.
Beacon Solar NextEra Energy Resources 250 MW NextEra also wants to use solar panels but has yet to file paper to declare its intention.
Genesis Solar NextEra Energy Resources 250 MW Under construction. NextEra secured a partial fed guarantee for a $ 852 million loan.
Rice Solar SolarReserve 150 MW Construction scheduled to start in 2Q 2012.
Mojave Solar Abengoa Solar 280 MW Under construction. Abengoa secured a $1.2 billion fed loan guarantee.



My Take On This:

This is simple. Cause & Effect. There is a simpler long-term cost-effective way of generating energy. Pay a large lump sum once to get it all jump-started,  but after that, it is all maintenance and energy generation for free thanks to the sun.

Building solar farms like crazy is not my cup of tea. I am all for urban development. Every home should have at least, its rooftop’s worth of solar panels. Which would at the very least cover energy consumed by air conditioners and more or less help home owners fight off energy costs.

This is particularly true for Puerto Rico where a monthly  bill is as follows:

Basic Fee: $28.20
Energy Purchase Fee: $25.69
Fuel Purchase Adjustment: $96.86


And so, in Puerto Rico you pay tons more for gas than you do for the real energy you consume. This of course, raises a lot of questions & concerns about the company’s service. People in general say they are being robbed when asked about it. On top of this all, the company will never clarify how they make the intricate calculations for that fuel adjustment fee. For now, they only claim it is excessively expensive because of an EPA mandate saying they MUST use a low sulfur fuel, establishing a low value and thus, demanding a very expensive fuel.

How does that really translate into a bloated monthly bill? That is beyond this humble blogger. I just smell a at mystery in there… and it ain’t pretty.

Do black tech entrepreneurs face bias?

Wayne Sutton has been asking venture-capital investors and Silicon Valley executives a question that’s not often broached here in the epicenter of the technology industry…


My comments on this:

It huts to see these things still pop up. Racism is still exercised. We still see the dilemma of the black guy or gal being looked down upon by the whites, or vice versa… and now to make it all worse, we add Latinos to the mix.

I think that everyone needs to start paying attention at what people is really worth. Not by how they look but, by how they act. This is one surefire way to measure anyone. By his/her actions. If a person puts his/her action where he/she puts his/her word, then that person’s value can be ascertained. I use value, not in the monetary sense, of course, life is not something to be put a price on.

However I mean is as in, how much you can count on this person. Because, if this person puts action where he puts words, then this person is trustworthy. This person does what he/she says will do. A person that tells you, “I will have that report ready in one hour”, and has the report ready in three hours, and gets it to you without a convincing reason or explanation for his/her tardiness, (within reasonable boundaries of course) then that person is not trustworthy. That person’s value has just gone down. It is not a person you will want working with you, because he/she will let you down.

If we are not measuring a person’s value like this, and we are doing it by face-value, because he’s white, and looks “pleasant” he must be a good worker.

Seems that is the way many HR peeps do their math when taking in new employees. Or investors when they select where to invest; does investing in a project managed by a white guy makes you feel more comfortable than investing in a project managed by a black guy? If you answer yes, you should be hearing the “That’s so racist!” bells by now.


Come on people. It is year 2011 (almost 2012).


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